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At As-Sufi Food Industries, we take immense pride in being a renowned food manufacturer catering exclusively to B2B enterprises. Our established reputation is built on the trust of major brands in the food and catering industry. We offer an extensive range of raw, frozen, semi-cooked, and ready-to-eat ingredients. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to customisation and our efficient supply chain, ensuring swift replenishment whenever required.


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Partnering with As-Sufi opens doors to a world of culinary possibilities for your business. Our adaptable offerings allow you to tailor ingredients precisely to your unique needs, creating signature dishes that set you apart. With our steadfast supply chain, you can rely on timely deliveries, eliminating the risk of shortages. Join hands with us to elevate your culinary creations, enhance customer satisfaction, and simplify your sourcing process. Experience excellence in every bite with As-Sufi Food Industries.

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