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About Us

Reliving Culinary Traditions Since 1988

As-Sufi Food Industries Pte Ltd, established in 2007 in a modest factory, initially focused on Prata and Samosa. With increasing sales, a larger facility in Johor, Malaysia, was established. Responding to the evolving needs of working mothers, we expanded into a variety of pastes.

Post-Covid, recognizing the shift towards convenience for busy parents, we introduced Ready-to-Eat Meals. By 2022, our innovation continued with the introduction of retort-packed items, eliminating the need for refrigeration and providing travel-friendly options.

Our objective is to provide affordable and convenient local dishes to every household, ensuring they are readily available whenever needed. Utilizing our cost-effective operations, we strive to offer products that are not only more economical than homemade meals but also save valuable time for our customers.

Our growth led to the formation of four distinct departments: Frozen, Pastes, Ready-to-Eat Meals, and Pack-to-Plate sauces. These offerings cater to diverse preferences, ensuring both ease of storage and travel convenience without compromising on quality.

Currently, our products are available in leading supermarket chains and retail outlets. A significant aspect of our business revolves around catering to the food service sector. With a noticeable shortage of labor and spatial limitations, there’s a rising demand for convenient processed products and ingredients.

Capitalizing on the cost advantages of our Malaysian facility and strategic bulk ingredient procurement, we’ve successfully supplied high-quality products in bulk packaging. Moreover, our flexibility allows us to tailor products to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Our frozen Prata and Begedil stand out as major bestselling items. Begedil, akin to hash browns but enriched with additional herbs and ingredients, offers a distinctive flavor profile.

The Prata, known for its softness, crispiness, and delectable taste, experiences a consistent rise in demand. We offer OEM services for customers with significant volume requirements.

Our overarching vision is to craft high-quality products that minimize reliance on artificial additives, emphasizing the incorporation of wholesome and healthy ingredients. The ongoing efforts of our R&D team focus on developing nutritious food options, supporting our expansion in both local and overseas markets.

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